Why a BLIS Puppy



Why choose a BLC Gold Standard Puppy

The British Lupine Gold Standard puppy represents the ‘creme de la  creme’ of natural type companion dogs. The Gold Standard certificate is your proof that your puppy (and his/her family)have been raised with the utmost care and skill and loved as family companions. Only breeders dedicated to officially proving the health and good nature of their dogs, and committed to offering the highest level of care will achieve ‘Gold Standard’ status.

But what does this practically mean for you?

Your puppy’s health & breeding:

•Parents pass conformation/movement/vet check exam for general heritable health


•Parents must each have combined hip scores less than 18 (nb: majority are below 10), specifically reducing risk of hip displaysia


•Parents must be genetically tested for presence of Degenerative Myleopathy, and bred so that all puppies are guaranteed not to develop this paralysing disorder.


•Absolutely no inbreeding of cousin or closer related dogs is allowed, reducing risk of inbreeding-related disorders such as immune disorders/cancers/epilepsy etc

Your puppy’s upbringing:

•Warm, comfortable indoor home environment


•Regularly handled from birth


•Introduced to vacuum, tv & kitchen noises



•Toilet training begun – paper trained, possibly part outdoor trained


•Introduced to toys & ‘drop’ command, polite bowl feeding & collar introduced


•Microchipped, vet checked, flea’d, wormed etc.

Activities & Services:

•New BLC Gold Standard Pedigree puppy owners automatically receive 1 years free membership of the BLC.


•The BLC also offers a free support service for members including behaviour & training, veterinary & health care, legal and breeding advice.


•There are also online facebook ‘enthusiasts’ groups & pages – our main page and group is


•The Club also holds several fun events and dog shows throughout the year.


•Club Members also receive discounts on selected products from our pet care & supply range.

Follow-up support:

•Breeders must provide information forms with puppies & all puppies come with a BLC Welcome Pack & Pedigree Certificate.


•The Society & Breeders offer a lifetime of support and advice, also a rehome service if needed.

BLC British Lupine DogTM & Gold Standard Ethically Assured Breeders

Gold Standard British Lupine DogTM Breeders

BLC holds a ‘Gold Standard’  British Lupine DogTM Pedigree scheme for health and temperament testing breeding wolfdogs. All our British Lupine Dog breeders are both Quality Assured for health, type and temperament and also Ethically Assured home breeders (checked by us). As the name ‘British Lupine Dog’ is trademarked to us, only wolfdogs registered on our database may genuinely use the name.

Natalie Lagstrom – Founder of the trademarked British Lupine Dog & founder of BLC. Occasional breeder of her Watermill Wolves Acting Team British Lupine Dogs.

Shunkaha – co-founder of BLIS.

Ethically Assured Wolfdog Breeders

BLC supports all ethical wolfdog breeders, regardless of background. Ethical Breeders of wolfdogs who are not part of the British Lupine Dog programme can be supported and show their support by joining our Ethical Wolfdog Breeders list. They may advertise their kennels and litters on our website and facebook pages, and owners of their puppies may take advantage of our free support services including behavioural advice etc.


Potential owners should note that BLC does not ‘vet’ these breeders personally, nor check their health tests etc. We rely on owner feedback for information on breeder ethics, and will remove any breeder from our list who we have reason to suspect may be in breach of our ethics.

BLC Ethical Code of Conduct



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British Lupine Dog is a registered Trademark – only dogs registered with this organisation are genuine British Lupine Dogs.