Ethical Wolfdog Breeding

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BLIS ‘Ethical Wolfdog Breeding’ Declaration

  • As  a BLIS Ethically Assured Breeder, I agree that I...
  • Will only breed dogs who have performed & passed the standard breed-specific health tests for both parents .
  • Will not breed before 18mths.
  • Will breed from a bitch a maximum of 3 times, a dog 10.
  • Agree to rest a bitch at least 18mths in between litters.
  • Agree not breed if considered deleterious to health of dog, bitch or puppies by a veterinarian.
  • Will not cosmetically alter appearance of dog.
  • Will provide appropriate vet care during & after pregnancy for bitch & pups.
  • Will follow UK welfare laws (animal welfare act).
  • Will ensure breeding dogs are family pets and must spend the majority of their life in a home environment & receive environmental enrichment such as walks/socialisation. They must also have a quality of life provided after breeding.
  • Will ensure puppies are home reared with appropriate preventative treatments such as  flea, worm treatment .
  • Will ensure puppies raised with appropriate enrichment/ habituation & socialisation fit for a pet dog (eg, well handled, introduced to household appliance noises etc.), and also be introduced to the process of toilet training (eg, paper training).
  • Will ensure no puppies can leave the breeder without being microchipped.
  • Will home puppies/dogs only to homes they have checked, where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy life.
  • Will ensure all new owners sign a contract insisting dogs cannot be re-homed or sold without the breeder’s consent or knowledge.
  • Will agree to offer lifetime support & will agree to assist with re-homing at any time if required.
  • Have no convictions under animal welfare law.
  • Will declare to BLIS any changes in above circumstances .
  • Will agree to provide a ‘BLIS New Owner Welcome sheet to puppy owners.
  • Understand that breaking these ethical codes may result in disciplinary action including removal from ‘Ethically Assured’ list.

British Lupine Dog is a registered Trademark – only dogs registered with this organisation are genuine British Lupine Dogs.