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The BLIS Gold Standard Wolf-alike Dogs:

What makes our BLIS- Gold Standard bred puppies stand out from the rest?

BLIS is open to all breeders of wolf alike dogs from a wide variety of backgrounds who wish to prove they are ethical in their practices by joining either our full  BLIS ‘Gold Standard’ Quality Assurance Scheme, or our ‘Ethically Assured’ wolfdog breeder scheme.

BLIS ‘Gold Standard’ Quality Assurance

The name ‘British Lupine Dog’ is a registered trademark, and all breeding dogs and their breeders must be assessed (and ‘passed’) by BLIS to carry the name ‘British Lupine Dog’. Registered dogs/breeders get full pedigree certification from us and support from us, as well as gaining an Ethically Assured Wolfdog Breeders Certificate (see below).


Assessment is easy – you simply send in proof of your dog’s health test results & pedigree (various breeds and crosses acceptable), and get your vet to fill in a small form about your wolf-like dog’s temperament/ identity verification (eg, via microchip)/type verification. You’ll also need to sign up to our ‘code of ethics’ and provide some evidence of your facilities.



‘Ethically Assured’ Wolfdog Breeder scheme

Ethical wolfdog or wolf-alike dog breeders around the world who are not part of the British Lupine programme, but who are nonetheless keen to demonstrate their commitment to - and support for - the ethical home rearing of their animals can take advantage of our ‘Ethical Assurance’ Scheme.


Breeders willing and able to demonstrate their commitment to ethical breeding by signing our code of ethics  will receive an ‘Ethically Assured Wolfdog Breeder’ certificate and are welcome to take advantage of our services including advertising on our pages.



BLIS Ethical Code of Conduct

Policies & procedures

Email for more information in becoming a BLIS Gold Standard or Ethically Assured Wolfdog Breeder.


You can also download our code of ethics ‘here’.

All BLIS breeders have their health test results verified by us.


All BLIS breeders have their premises & policies ‘vetted’ by us.


All BLIS puppies receive full pedigree certificates, information packs including puppy rearing advice and complaints procedures etc.


We encourage feedback with our BLIS owners & breeders & encourage lifelong care.


Full policies and procedures available by application.


Our online policies can be found in our online forums


Any enquiries or complaints by email please to: addressed to ‘the committee’. Please give us 7 days to respond.

For Breeders:

British Lupine Dog is a registered Trademark – only dogs registered with this organisation are genuine British Lupine Dogs.