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The British Lupine-DogTM   International Society: part of W.O.L.F. 

Man's Best Friend as Nature Intended

Supporting Ethical Breeders of Wolf-Alike Family Dogs

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Wolves have stirred the imagination of mankind for generations, and many owners are now seeking to return to the traditional roots of the dog-human bond. But wolves are not domestic animals- as well as suffering in captivity, they can be dangerous and difficult to keep as pets.


The ‘British Lupine Dog’  is a confident, intelligent, friendly domestic dog with all the health, vitality and looks of his natural counterpart – the perfect companion for the dedicated owner. Our organisation BLIS offers an ethical quality assurance scheme for breeders and owners – all our ‘Gold Standard’ puppies are guaranteed by us to be from health tested parents & raised in a loving family environment – the perfect ‘recipe’ for rearing healthy, happy family friends.

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British Lupine Dog is a registered Trademark – only dogs registered with this organisation are genuine British Lupine Dogs.